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Automatic conveyor line Utien FSC

The line consists of:

  • Product loading areas, length of 1.5 m
  • Sealing unit
  • Conveyor for unloading finished products.

Specifications of Utien FSC for tray with dimensions 187×137 mm:

  • Overall dimensions (l/w/h): 3466×1040×1862 mm.
  • Capacity (trays per minute): up to 16 pcs.
  • Power consumption: 7 kW.
  • Machine weight: 1000 kg.
  • Maximum winding diameter of a film roll: 250 mm.
  • Maximum film roll width: 400 mm.
  • Sleeve diameter: 76 mm.
  • Compressed air: 6 bar;
  • Air consumption: 0.5 m³/min.
  • Voltage: 380 Volts, 3 phases, 50/60 Hz.

Operating principle:

Containers with loaded products are filled with gas to create a modified gas environment (in case gas is needed) and sealed with a polymer film. Then the top film is cut along the contour. The sealed containers go to the unloading area, from where they are collected manually.

Machine description:

  • All parts of the machine are made of stainless steel;
  • The container mold is made of anodized aluminum;
  • Pneumatics — SMC (Japan);
  • Photo tag sensor for using the top film with a print image;
  • Servos — Delta (Taiwan);
  • Control panel — Delta (Taiwan), Russian-language interface;
  • Vacuum pump — Busch (Germany), capacity 100 m³/hour;
  • Electrical components — Schneider (France);
  • System of automatic shutdown in case of malfunction;
  • Cooling system — liquid.

Additional options not included in this offer:

  • Jet printer. Made in the USA or Taiwan
  • Dosing and filling device
  • Automatic packaging feeding
  • Spare parts kit.

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