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Sealing film

The main condition that determines the choice of film is that it must be soldered to the container. It is imperative to take into account that the width of the film must completely cover the container and not exceed the dimensions of the sealer. There is a limitation on the film roll size, these limitations are individual and are indicated in the instructions of the sealer.

The composition of the film depends on the composition of the tray.

Advantages of the film: high transparency, environmental safety, excellent sealing quality, pressure and puncture resistance, high-quality printing, standard widths for our equipment are always in stock.
Films are used for the following types of products: dairy, fat and oil products; fish and meat; pasta and cereals; ready meals, salads; vegetables, berries; bakery and confectionery products; frozen vegetables and ready-to-cook products; baby food; jams, ketchups, sauces; ice cream; tea and coffee; snacks; bulk products, alcohol-containing products, household chemicals, pharmaceuticals and medicines.
High-quality film compositions provide reliable protection against moisture, light, oxygen, fats, odors, and also allow preserving the original taste and aroma of the product, its appearance, color and, most importantly, extend the shelf life without the use of additional preservatives.

Films can have additional properties:

  • Possibility to use films for product sterilization
  • Possibility to use films for product pasteurization
  • PEEL EFFECT. The Peel-effect film allows for reliable soldering of the film to the container, and when the container is opened, the film easily peels off without leaving traces in the place of the solder. Thus, the container can be re-sealed, which is especially convenient for those who use returnable containers. The consumer is spared from opening the package with the help of foreign sharp objects. After opening, the packaging will look more aesthetically pleasing.
  • ANTI-FOG. AF — anti-condensation properties (non-fogging of the material during modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). A film with such an effect does not fog up even during shock cooling, during defrosting and freezing, which improves the appearance of the product. You can always see what is packed in the container.
  • Perforated films are great for storing vegetables and fruits, allowing them to breathe.

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