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Manual equipment

Manual sealers

a) unable to cut plastic film along tray profile – the simplest and most primitive low productivity devices. After sealing, excess film has to be removed manually. The only advantage is that they enable changing to any tray size very quickly.

b) able to cut plastic film along tray profile — allow creating seals quickly and getting packages of marketable appearance.

No change of matrix is available in sealing machines of this type.

Important! Since manual sealers have no single standardized (preset) sealing parameter, there is no concept of productivity and everything will depend directly on your personnel.

Name Model Size Country
Everlong FS 106 profile cut tray sealing machine Everlong FS 106 240 × 165 max. Taiwan
СAS СТР-320 tray sealing machine w/o profile cut option СAS СТР-320 187 x 137 Korea

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