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Absorbent pads

Moisture-absorbing liners (pads) are used in packaging for storing and transporting chilled meat, fish, semi-finished products, vegetables, fruits, berries, etc. Compared to conventional packaging, packaging with a moisture-absorbing insert allows retaining unwanted liquid emitted by products, ensures their dry and hygienic storage. As a result, the growth of microorganisms inside the package decreases, which allows the product to remain fresh longer and extends the shelf life of the product, allows slowing down the process of defrosting products, and neutralizes unpleasant odors. These pads are soft, elastic and most importantly, durable. The strength is retained and pads do not delaminate even when wet.

Moisture-absorbing liners ensure cleanliness and convenience during transportation, exclude packaging leaks, retain the attractive appearance of the product and the original aroma.

The material can be either with a layer of laminated polyethylene or with a special synthetic layer. At your request, the pads can be colored.


By using containers with a pre-soldered pad, you get a lot of advantages:

  • Product completely ready to work;
  • Reduction of manual labor in production connected with inserting pads into the tray;
  • Increase in labor productivity;
  • Saving space for storing pads;
  • Saving logistics costs;
  • Good appearance, the position of the insert in the container is strictly fixed, it does not change its position during transportation;
  • Your packaging will always stand out favorably on the shelves of retail chains, and the pad will always stay between the tray and the product.

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